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Volume 36, Number 2, January 16, 2009

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Drive the Narcos Out of the Americas!

Britain's Opium War against the Americas began after the introduction in 1971 of the floating-exchange-rate international monetary system, and now George Soros and his minions have escalated their effort to reduce Mexico to a no-man's land, run by warring narcoterrorist paramilitaries. This is intended to create another explosive crisis for President-elect Obama.

Call for U.S.-Mexico Anti-Drug Fight

From a memorandum by Gen. Barry McCaffrey (USA-ret.).

Colombia Nearly Disappeared
by Negotiating with Narcoterrorists

How Drugs Can Be Wiped Out, Totally

EIR's 1996 report on the high-technology, nonlethal means of eradicating and seizing drug crops—plus stopping the drug money laundering.

LaRouche's 15-Point Plan for a War on Drugs

Lyndon LaRouche sent this message to a March 13, 1985 Mexico City conference.

George Soros, Britain's Drug Kingpin
Waging War Against the Americas


Italy's Tremonti and France's Rocard:
Only Bankruptcy Reorganization
Will Revive the World Economy

By Helga Zepp-LaRouche. The next step is to move toward new "Pecora Commissions," like that which investigated Wall Street in the 1930s.

The Defense of National Sovereignty:
What a New Pecora Commission Must Do

World Wheat, Rice Crops Imperilled;
Government Inaction Is Famine Policy

400 Million Indians Still Lack Electricity


Expansion of Gaza Conflict?
Anglo-Saudi Manipulations Could Lead to World War

The Israeli attack on Gaza could lead to a global crisis, especially as Saudi Arabia sends out marching orders and recruits for terrorist operations. But there are interesting signs of change from Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei.

Israel's Warsaw Ghetto Campaign in Gaza

The LaRouche Show:
Make 2009 the International Year
of Victory Against the British Empire

Lyndon LaRouche and Helga Zepp-LaRouche were featured on the last program for 2008 of The LaRouche Show, the weekly Internet radio broadcast.

International Intelligence

American History

What His Doctor Revealed
About Poe's Assassination

In commemoration of Edgar Allan Poe's 200th birthday, we quote from the book by his physician, Dr. John J. Moran, who refuted the British character assassination of Poe that described him as a drunkard and drug addict who died as a result of his addictions. In truth, this leader of American patriots' intelligence wars against the British Empire, was assassinated.

Edgar Allan Poe:
The Lost Soul of America

Excerpted from an article first published by Allen Salisbury in July 1981.


Reality Will Call the Shots